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It's given me the financial freedom I hoped I'd have at this stage of my life.

Rob Casares STATE FARM AGENT Paramount
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You have to have the support of your family and you have to believe you can do it.

Jesse Romero STATE FARM AGENT Lakewood
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It's a lot of hard work. It takes a lot from both you and your family.

Rene Hawkins STATE FARM AGENT Gardena
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Every day every client gets a little easier, gets a little better, and before you know your agency is growing.

Michelle Allman STATE FARM AGENT Martinez
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It's been a life-long dream of mine to run my own business. It was a perfect opportunity to do something that I thought would have a long lasting effect upon my community.

Charles Garrett STATE FARM AGENT Los Angeles
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I always knew I wanted to run my own business. What business that was I had no idea. But I was lucky enough to stumble upon this great company and was lucky enough to get an opportunity.

Darin Tsukashima STATE FARM AGENT Valencia
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Little by little as my business is thriving I get more flexibility.

Jackie Morales-Sanchez STATE FARM AGENT Redondo Beach
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State Farm doesn't want you to forget your previous experience; they want you to bring that to the table.

Eddie Quillares STATE FARM AGENT Santa Ana
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Success from Failures - The Less Discussed Part of Entrepreneurship

Starting your own business from the ground up can be an overwhelming task and it doesn’t come without its obstacles. Even so, this shouldn’t deter your initiative. Risk implies the possibility of both failure or success. Even a failure can be seen as a success if you’ve learned from it.



This concept can be difficult to embrace when we live in a culture that highly values success. It is deep seeded into our mind that failure can not equal success. One issue with this is you can’t know until you try. The only way to know if becoming a State Farm agent will be the correct choice for you is to go out and do it.


Another issue with failing before reaching success is that failures often teach you important lessons that make success easier to reach later down the line. Most successful entrepreneurs will often tell you about the failed enterprises that helped them achieve the results the wanted in the end. Perseverance is key and one of the reasons you chose to become a small business owner.


When we are faced with new challenges, such as starting an agent career, fear can often overtake you, keeping you from the very growth that will drive you further and higher. Don’t let fear cut your ambitions down.


Whether you’re just beginning as an agent or opening up your own agency, the task can seem overwhelming at times. Know that when teaming up with State Farm  often brings many benefits and we invest heavily to increase your chances of reaping positive results.

Failures lead to success. Embrace it and prepare for a bright future!